About Spadera

Spadera is one of the leading brands for handmade leather shoes in Pakistan. We are specially focused on providing a vast variety of distinctive and elegant designs which depict the ethnicity and true culture of the country. The exotic art of craftsmanship, the mark of luxury and the unmatched comfort, all combined never cease to entice people. And that is what we take pride in.

Each of our products is one of a kind. The whole process of the choice of the raw material till the fabrication of a remarkable finished product is accomplished with extreme prudence. We believe it all lies in the details. These are some of our attributes which label us the most desired footwear of the times. We add splendour to your gait.


We honor the art of making something by hand, and the quality that can only be achieved in this way.


We deliver just what our clients want, just when they want it, at prices that are fair, not inflated.


Wearing shoes should be a simple pleasure, so we bring comfort and luxury to every detail. As your gate is a powerful tool of expression.

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